Can you paint over gel nails ?

Some people choose to do this because they want a more permanent look with their gel nails, or they may have accidents and don’t want the polish to come off easily.

Painting over your Gel Nails is easy and usually only requires one coat of nail enamel primer followed by two coats of your desired color Polish.

Can you paint over gel nails?

Yes, you can paint over gel nails. However, the color will not be as strong and may require a second coat. Normally, the porous and thin nature of gel nails, chip easily. However, it may take up to 7 days for that to happen and normally you can still wear them.

Can you use acrylic paint on gel nails?

Yes, you can use acrylic paint on gel nails. You should be very careful though because gloss coats tend to take longer for your base color or polish to become white and shiny again once the first coat is finished and hardened so you may want a blue-grey shade.

What happens if you paint over gel nails?

If you paint over gel nails your polish will get harder and stronger but once a week you can use nail files to thin them out which means they will chip less.

If there is a white residue on the base coat then it may continue to be shinier once painted you are either using incorrect colors or the primer used was not sufficiently dry.

What color should I choose?

Typically, salon acrylics (which look like liquid) cost up to $10 per colored coat and don’t require much prep at all before applying.

They are both shiny, and opaque in minutes and you will see no lines or brush strokes when painting so you can use a tip that’s slightly larger than your nail pigments (like the ones I’ve been recently using).

In general, it is a good idea to know how large the tip of your acrylics is, for example, our Edge Play polishes run in sizes as small as albeit takes me a total of 90-seconds to painterly create a whole.

Can you use white acrylic?

Yes, but it really depends on the color and your project so I’ve been using Hollywood shades that tend not to stick my pinky nail well (I was going through them like water once a month even after I’d filed the nails down).

To give you an idea: no matter what hairdresser I go to and no matter what shade of red, orange, or yellow polish I put on- white always emerges as the color that will try to bleed through my nails.

So it’s definitely not something you want to do without prepping your nails in some way first!

Can you do nail art over gel polish?

Yes! You can use any polish you like, as long as it’s opaque and dries quickly. But some gels do not encourage nail art because of the removal process.

Ensure that you are using a big enough tip so it’s easier to paint your design and apply without any fall-out or messiness when removing, but then again wipe gently on all surfaces such as cuticles, etc before applying with some acetone remover.

Can you put regular top coat nail polish over gel?

It depends on the type of top coat. Most regular nail polishes will work, but some may not hold up well over gel nails and may peel or chipping could occur.

We recommend using a special UV Gel Topcoat to protect your gel manicure.

Can you put acrylic powder over gel nails?

Yes! The acrylic powder works great over gel nails because it doesn’t leave a shiny finish as regular polish does and it’s easy to remove.

Just make sure that you clean your nails thoroughly before applying powder so any oils or other products on your nails don’t smudge them.

Is dip or gel better for your nails?

It depends on how often you wear your nails down. Dipping your nails regularly helps to keep them short and thin, whereas gel polish can last for up to two weeks without needing a change.

However, dipping does have the downside that it’s more difficult to remove – so if you’re looking for long-lasting results, go for gel!

What is the best way to remove gel nails?

The best way to remove gel nails is with a special UV (ultraviolet) Gel Remover. It will help to gently and easily remove all of the polish without damaging your nails.

Just be sure to carefully follow the instructions that come with your gel remover, as over-pouring or using an incorrect tool could result in damage.

Do gel manicures ruin your nails?

Gel nails can actually improve your nails by strengthening and protecting them. They also tend to last longer than regular nail polish, so in the long run, they may arguably be more beneficial.

However, if you experience any problems with gel nails such as fall-out or messiness when removing them, we recommend using a special acetone remover to clean them properly before reapplying your regular nail polish.

What’s the difference between a gel manicure and an acrylic manicure?

A gel manicure is a type of nail treatment that uses a layer of gel to recreate the appearance and feel of natural nails.

Acrylic nails, on the other hand, are made from solid pieces of synthetic resin and are therefore more durable but less flexible. Many manicure specialists offer both types of treatment, depending on which one client prefers most.

In many cases, the only difference between gel and acrylic is convenience or price – but we recommend speaking to your nails specialist before making a final decision!

What is the healthiest nail option?

There is no one healthiest nail option, as everyone’s nails require different care and treatments. However, if you want to keep your nails healthy and looking their best, we recommend choosing a gel manicure over an acrylic manicure.

Gel manicures use a layer of gel instead of liquid or powder foundation – which means they’re less likely to dry out your nails and cause splitting or cracking.

They also last longer than other types of manis, so you’ll be able to enjoy your nails for longer without having to worry about them breaking or chipping.

What is the difference between gel nails and gel polish?

Gel nails and gel polish are both types of nail treatment. Gel nails use a layer of gel to recreate the appearance and feel of natural nails, while gel polish uses a layer of clear or colored top coat to achieve the same effect.

The main difference between them is that gel nails can be removed easily with a special acetone remover, while gel polish requires a more intensive cleanse before reapplication of regular nail polish.

How long do gel nails last?

Most people find that gel nails last around two weeks, but this depends on your own nails and the type of gel you choose.

Some gels may last up to ten days without fading or cracking, so it’s worth spending a bit more for longer-lasting results.

Pros and Cons of Gel Nails


  • Gel nails are less likely to dry out your nails and cause splitting or cracking
  • Last longer than other types of nail treatments (gel manicures typically last around two weeks, while regular manis usually last around ten days)
  • Easily removable with a special acetone remover
  • Generally cheaper than acrylic nails


  • It May require more frequent reapplications of regular nail polish
  • May require more intensive care than regular nails (gel polish requires a layer of clear or colored topcoat, which can be removed with acetone)
  • Might need to be redone every two weeks for the longest-lasting results

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