Can I paint over shellac nails ?

There are many people who like to paint over their acrylic shellac nails. Acrylic shellac nails have a very thin finish, so painting them can be a great way to cover up any mistakes or unevenness on your nails.

Can you paint over acrylic shellac nails?

Yes, you can paint over acrylic shellac nails with a coat of clear nail polish. Acrylics are a type of resin that is used to make nails and other prosthetic body parts. They are less durable than natural nails, but they do not require filing or removing the old polish.

If you have weak or discolored acrylic shellac nails, then you may want to consider getting them replaced by a qualified technician.

What Is Shellac?

Shellac is a type of resin that is used to make nails and other prosthetic body parts. It is less durable than natural nails, but it does not require filing or removing the old polish.

What can you not do with shellac nails?

You cannot do with shellac nails what you can do with natural nails – you can paint them, put on varnish, change the shape, and remove chips.

How long will shellac last?

Shellac nail polish can last approximately two weeks. After that, it begins to look unprofessional and the color fades slightly because of the loss from open-air exposure.

You may have a good day where you get ten days out of an application or a bad one where only three days are left before your clear coat starts peeling off at chipped edges and corners exposed to direct light (caused by driving in the past or something like that.

Can I change my shellac color?

Yes, you can change your shellac color by painting it with a different color of nail polish. Any nail polish and clear coats will help extend the life of your shellac nails.

Can you paint nail polish on after it grows out?

Yes, You can apply shellac to your nails and then put a thick layer of white color underneath. This will make them look soft and opaque so they blend with undamaged layers above while being hard as hell just below where regular attendance is important (like in conference situations when people need to see fingernails!

What colors do I put on Shellac nails?

You can only paint shellac base color because it does not break. You cannot use latex or acrylic-based polish other than a clear top coat over the shellac and you have to remove all old nail polish before applying any new colored gel or liquid paint over it.

I know a fellow shop owner who had trouble painting 3 layers of different colors as they pealed already four days after he added them up!!

Can you remove shellac at home?

Yes, you can remove shellac nails with either an acetone or nail polish remover. Acetone is the most common and usually easier to get in stores. You should be careful as acetone can be dangerous if you breathe it in!.

Does shellac ruin your natural nails?

No, Shellac will not ruin your natural nails. However, it can discolor them over time and create a higher chance of Chips or Peelings.

Can I let shellac grow out?

Yes, you can leave your shellac nails natural or color them with gel or paint. This can be a good solution if there is too much white from bandages, socks, and the like underneath.

Can I take shellac off with nail polish remover?

Yes, if you follow their instructions correctly. If not, your skin will burn and peel or get blisters. You need to use remover with acetone in it for best results.

Can I re-apply shellac?

Yes, you can re-apply Shellac nails. However, it is important to wait at least 2 weeks after your last application of Gel or Polish before applying the new layer of Shellac.

Which is better for your nails shellac or gel?

It depends on what you are looking for in a nail product. The gel is good if you want a strong and durable finish, while Shellac has a softer look and lasts longer wear time.

Why do my nails hurt after removing shellac?

If you have removed Shellac nails with an acetone or nail polish remover using the instructions above, your skin will most likely feel tight and dry.

This is because the solvent in the cleaning solution is dehydrating and can cause discomfort – especially if applied to large areas of skin.

If you experience this sensation, it’s best to discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention as there could be serious consequences if left untreated such as chemical burns.

Why does my Shellac only last a week?

Shellac nails can last anywhere from 2-12 weeks depending on how often you apply them, the quality of your gel or polish, and factors such as shape, size, and nail hardness.

Dos and Don’ts of Shellac Nail Polish


  1. Follow the instructions for using acetone or nail polish remover, as this will ensure that your nails are cleaned and free of any residue.
  2. Wait at least two weeks after your last application of Gel or Polish before applying a new layer of Shellac.
  3. Shellac is usually a thicker nail polish that applies much like full-time gel. It can be applied in layers, one at a time, over existing gel or shellac nails.


  1. Do not try to remove Shellac with alcohol or other harsh chemicals – these will cause further damage and irritation to your skin.
  2. Do not file, sand, or scrape the surface of your nails before applying Shellac as this may cause cracks in the polish and increased wear and tear.

In conclusion, Shellac nails are great for those who want a natural state-of-the art nail extension that lasts for at least 3 weeks without needing replacement. If you wear Gel or Polish regularly and use Shellac sparingly, it can last up to 6 months on average!

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